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Water Ionizers

Award Winning Water Ionizers

The Award Winning Alkazone® Water Ionizer is more than just another simple water purifier. We consistently score higher and outperform all other water ionizers on the market. Since the scientific researchers discovered the benefits of ionized water in the 1950’s, Alkazone is now sold in thousands of locations around the world.

Our Award Winning Alkazone® Water Ionizers are a device that transforms ordinary tap water into a high pH healthy antioxidant water. Our bodies, which are over 70% water, needs high pH water to neutralize the harmful effects of the acidic foods we eat.


When tap water passes through the electrolysis process in the water ionizer, the minerals split into (+) and (-), producing a pure alkaline water Hydroxyl and an acidic water. The acidic water gets discarded. The remaining alkaline water is simply the best gift you can give your body. When you drink high alkaline water, the minerals from the ionizer are carried by the blood steam to all the tissues within your body. They are used by your cells in the metabolic process.

One of the by-products of the metabolic process is acid waste. This acidic waste is dangerous and must be removed from your body or it will become toxic and promote disease. The Alkazone Alkaline water neutralizes this acidic waste and removes it from the cells by detoxing the body.

Under the company motto "Better Health, Better Life" our dedicated research team has devoted itself to promoting health through better choices by drinking better water. Better Health Lab, Inc., has invested in superior technology around the globe to bring you the best Water Ionizer Available, the Alkazone® Water Ionizer, the most innovative high pH Antioxidant water fountain in the world. All Alkazone® Water Ionizers are proudly made in the USA, and has been for over 20 years!

For more detailed information on the specific benefits of each Award Winning Water Ionizer, please click on the Water Ionizer you are interested in from the list below.

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