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One of the key ingredients to a healthy life is incorporating a High Alkaline diet and avoiding acidic foods and drinks. The two books below, "LifeFood Recipe Book, Living on Life Force" by Annie Padden Jubb and David Jubb, and "The Right way of Living" Book by Dr. Guy Ferru , are two great books about the value of the high Alkaline diet. Dr. Ferru' book is well regarded in the medical field and is quoted as "Unique, exceptional book which offers easy guidelines about nutrition, exercise, positive mental attitude, and living in good health and in harmony with the environment." We are happy to offer you the opportunity to get these books here.

Also in the accessories section you will find extra tubing for the Water Ionizers as well as a water faucet diverter which you will need to connect your Award Winning Water ionizer to your faucet. You will also find extra parts and replacement parts for the water ionizers.

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